Welcome to the second largest barrier reef in the world!

This reef runs from the Yucatan Peninsula reaching our shores here in Honduran territory. Roatan, with an area of 80 square Km and surrounded by one of the most splendid coral reefs, is one of the three islands that make up “The Bay Islands” of Honduras. The reef not only contains a wide variety of creatures and sea life, but is still in excellent condition. Justo encima del mar, sobre la playa de West Bay, la más bonita de la isla y considerada una de las mejores del Caribe está ubicado ANEMONA DIVERS literalmente sobre el mar, desde donde podrás descubrir “el secreto mejor guardado del Caribe…”

Just above the sea is Anemona Divers, located in West Bay. West Bay is famous for its beautiful white sand beach, the most beautiful of the island, and considered to be one of the best of the Caribbean. Here, you can experience “the best kept secret of the Caribbean…” and discover everything “paradise” can offer, not only under the water but also surrounded by lush vegetation and an explosion of color and nature. Underwater will be the most diverse experiences, from a serene aquarium dive to diving surrounded by grey reef sharks to diving with the dolphins. Roatan offers the splendor of the coral reefs not only to current and future divers, but also to snorkelers. Much of the reef is in very shallow water, making it easily accessible to anybody who wants to experience it. Temperatures ranging from 27-30 degrees C, visibility of to 100+ feet, the calm conditions Roatan offers, and a protected marine park gives Roatan the feel of diving in a gigantic Aquarium. And finally, can not leave this beautiful island without knowing what else it can offer: tours sailing along the coast, hanging literally from the trees in zip lines through the jungle, cultural visits to the areas populated by direct descendant Garifuna, excursions on horseback through white sand beaches and into the jungle and more! Cayos Cochinos, located to the south, where in addition to native flora and fauna, the natives of the island share with us its folklore and culinary customs and many, many things more…